Azimi brothers Company


Azimi Brothers Company is a quite private company which started its activity by a unique advisory board consisting ten professional engineers and other experts who had more than twenty years work experience.  By having a compact management and brilliant leadership and owning well-known and expert staff and galore improvement could establish many agencies inside and outside the country.
Azimi Brothers Transportation Company could acquire its customer’s satisfaction by having developed and modern equipments, punctuality, particular goals and consider the customer’s requirements which have raised salient effects on the development of the company.


Subsidiaries of ABC:

            Navy Azimi Trading LTD
Navy Azimi Trading Limited was incorporated in 2003 to fill the need for a reliable and efficient trading management company and act as a strategic partner to Azimi Brothers International Transportation Company Ltd.

      Zohal Gharb Transit Company LTD (ZGTC)
In May 2005, Zohal Gharb Transit Company Ltd registered. The company was incorporated to further diversify and expand the activities of ZGTC, optimize her resources and further strengthen her marketing activities.

Now its subsidiaries of Azimi Brothers International Transportation Company


Azimi Brothers Company, regarding its goals development believes that offering best services to the
customers causes the customer’s satisfaction and customer’s satisfaction causes to improvement in
every single moments. So therefore this company tries its best through the goals below.

  1. To act according to our commitments.
  2. To offer the best services in minimum time.
  3. Try to find out the customer’s requirements.
  4. To research on customer’s requirements for better service and production.
  5. To use modern and advanced equipments for the purpose of obtaining the customer’s assurance.
  6. To recruit expert and professional employees to develop and spread the company and offer effective services to the honorable customers.
  7. To obtain equipments and outspread branches in all over the country and even in Asia, Europe and America continents.



Our core activities are borne out of the need for logistic support services to the downstream sector of the oil and gas industry. They are:
Delivery logistics
Storing Fuel
Storage with the capacity of 3500 Tons, or 100 Tankers
Inventory Management

200 Tankers and Truck

Azimi Brothers Company was consigned to beneficiary through establishing of a fuel Storage with capacity of (5500000 liters) in Herat government, and also had active function in the field of importing fuel from the countries Turkmenistan and Iraq and had active role in fuel transportation with both the popular companies CLS, KMS and M.G, NOPCO and private companies in all over the world specially in martial and war areas and could gain rife experiences in this field.


Customer Focused

  • To provide Clients with maximum quality services through continuous improvements that meet and exceed their expectations and requirements, at a cost that they believe is value for money;
  • To make commitments we fully understand and believe we can meet on time

Performance Driven

  • Our team of dedicated professionals work with passion to maintain and continually improve the quality in keeping with our mission objectives;
  • Commitment in upgrading the capabilities of its technical and administrative staff through formal training and continuous technical quality awareness.

Achieve ABC Vision and Value Proposition

  • To continually achieve flexibility in product acquisition, national spread, professionalism, effective distribution capability and be seen as the preferred supplier and logistics service provider of petroleum products.


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